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Safety Ground and Productivity

My friend L is a middle school teacher in Qingdao, China. When I called her up this morning, she said she switched to doing work-related things when she gets home these days. She felt she needed to put down this week to get certain work done before going back to her research. She felt the work has to be done in advance. That’s her priority right now.

And I have been spending almost one week and a half now reading materials, watching tutorials, and doing blog writing for my website. I did not touch my textbook about experimental design and neural networks at all.

The reason I choose to do this is that it’s my first time to express myself in the open and converge my ideas to establish a strong personality and later on brand myself! Even though I know the ideas are there, I have been an observer, quick learner, and inclusive mind most of the time in my previous life. Calling for attention to myself is not something I do easily.

Despite I have other concerns and hopes, I felt I have to do this first. I call this my Safety Ground.

I know it’s the same as getting the priority right. But there is more. The minute I say it, I felt my feet on the ground. And the idea that I am working on my safety ground makes me feel safe and brings back focus.

Someone said this to me once:“I don’t want to undermine your Safety Ground. Please finish your thing first.” I felt I was treated respectively and tenderly.

Or imagine, you say to someone, “Sorry. It’s my Safety Ground. I have to do this first. “ Then they felt the importance to you and they respect.

I share with you Safety Ground today. I hope it’s like a gift that makes you feel safe, respected, and empowered. So that when you gained your safety ground back, you feel much more empowered to be more productive!

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