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GoodNotes and X-Mind for Science Related Subjects

For my study of scientific-related subjects, I use GoodNotes and X-Mind.

As I am studying my math or statistics textbook, I would keep GoodNotes at hand. When I think I have accumulated enough concepts and steps while reading that is about to confuse me, I jog them down into GoodNotes in a self-explanatory layout, pictures, steps, tables, and so on. It helps me to dump them from my mind while creating space for more, and I also understand them by arranging the pieces and steps.

Then, actually not then, once in a while and sometimes at the beginning, I put the knowledge into a mindmap format with X-mind. It helps create a structure in my mind.

In X-mind, it’s a breakdown of knowledge structure.

In GoodNotes, you create notebooks, pages inside the notebooks, and page sections with the title.

Mindmap by X-mind

GoodNotes iPad Screenshot It is very convenient to write, take/add picture, create shapes, move and resize, add texts and so on.

Grid View of pages in GoodNotes

Outline/Page Sections in GoodNotes

Mindmap by X-mind about Interval Estimation (imported as picture to GoodNotes)

GoodNotes notes about Interval Estimation

Mindmap by X-mind about Continuous Probability (imported as picture to GoodNotes)

GoodNotes notes about Continuous Probability Distribution

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