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Hey, Nice to Meet You! 

My name is Grace Qin. I am from China. I speak English, Chinese and who knows how many others to come in the future! By telling you where I come from first, I hope to show you exactly who I am. 

I currently study Data Analytics in Southern California and work as a Graduate Assistant. Data Analytics is a STEM program. The learning is different from when I was an English major or when I learned Project Management. One sign is that my note-taking has completely changed, which I am really proud of! 


I will be sharing with you my thoughts about productivity, the concepts, and tools I accumulated in my  Productivity Journey, or even notes I made that can be useful to you. Leave me a comment or a message. Let's inspire each other! 

By the way, I named my website Pollygrace, which comes from Pollyanna, a person who finds good in everything. I hope this is easy for you to remember. Visit me anytime you feel you need a pollyanna friend. 

My Journey, Never the last journey

1993 - 2021 Learn to find myself & Learn to be more independent
1993 - 2016 Jingzhou, Hubei - Wuhan, Hubei 
2016 - 2021  Interpreter at Beijing Flow Co., Ltd 
2019 - 2021  Account manager with PMP (Project Management Professional) doing technical, quality, and supply chain projects with one largest and strategic customer, Beijing Flow Co., Ltd.
2021.6 - 2021.8 Got myself study in the United States in two months from applying to set foot in the United States.
2021.8 - 2022.8 Master of Data Analytics, Marketing Concentration in the University of La Verne.
2021 - Learn to be more efficient & Learn to expand

            Making personal academic breakthrough. 

            Exploring OneNote, GoodNotes, and Obsidian around the Zettlekasten method and the experience of Niklas Luhmann.

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